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Vermeer BC1500 with winch

Image of Vermeer BC1500

The Vermeer BC1500 is an innovative machine designed for natural disaster clean-up or other applications in which contractors and municipalities require a 15″ (38 cm) chipping capacity.

Kanga Loader

Kanga Loader

A kanga makes light work of removing logs and tidying up the work site.

Vermeer 752 Stump Grinder

Image of Stump Grinder on Golf CourseThe Vermeer 752. Powered by a 78 horsepower (52kW) Deutz turbo charged oil-cooled diesel engine, the 752 can cut the toughest stumps down to size. The 752 comes with the exclusive AutoSweep system, a patented gear-drive cutter system, and an optional wireless remote control feature – all which increase safety and productivity.

This unit is easy to get around with a 78 HP diesel engine and with the wide sweep arc and extension requires less repositioning of the tow vehicle reducing the amount of relocating the machine to finish the larger stumps.

Red Roo SHP 400

A powerful, compact machine for getting to those stumps in difficult locations. Will fit through most standard doorways.

SD1800D Stump Grinder

A smaller machine for stumps, The SD1800D is only 27″ wide and will fit through most standard household doorways.


TruckMelbourne Tree Stump Removal has the vehicles needed to remove and clean-up the largest and smallest of tree problems.

Site Clean-up

SkipWith a range of skips and bins available, Melbourne Tree Stump Removal has the equipment needed to clean up after the job is done.

Professional Stihl Products

We have the full range of quality Stihl Chainsaws, polesaws, hedge trimmers, blowers, brush cutters, etc.