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We pride ourselves on leaving a job-site cleaner than when we arrived. In order to do this we remove every part of the tree unless specified otherwise.

Site where we did tree removal in Melbourne

Line Clearing for a railway client. Large tree removals in awkward places, such as this one, are easily managed by Melbourne Tree Stump Removal.

At Melbourne Tree Stump Removal Pty Ltd, we inspect your tree so we know whether it needs to be trimmed or removed altogether. We help you achieve your landscape goals, no matter their scope. Determine Whether You Need Tree Removal in Melbourne  Some tree removals depend on your timeline. Maybe you’re renovating your home or clearing a lot for construction. In these cases, you know exactly when to schedule tree removal. After a quick phone call to our office, you can make an appointment and hasten the process. Sometimes, however, tree removals are unexpected and inconvenient. A storm or accident damages your trees. Or, perhaps the tree has died or is beginning to rot. After you observe the damage, you may require prompt removal to eliminate further hazards. Trust our team to restore safety to your property and leave you with peace of mind. Learn More About Us We take pride in our ability to leave a property cleaner than we found it. If the situation requires it, our service personnel will remove every part of the tree. Once we’ve left, your landscape will be ready for your new project. Our equipment allows us to work on all kinds of trees, large and small. Trust our qualified fallers, level-three arborists and level-five arborists. We continually learn the safest techniques for removing trees, stumps and branches from your property. You can be at ease when we’re on the job! We invite you to learn more about our history, services and schedule. To begin, view the photos below for a better idea of our projects. Then, call us on (03) 9737 9966 today for prompt tree removal in Melbourne. We look forward to serving you.